Prayer letter Salomi Tubatonu. Edisi Maret-Mei’08

25 04 2008

Dear beloved brothers and sisters,

Greetings in the love of Christ,

The Lord has risen indeed “Luke24:34” (NRSV)
Indeed, the news of the risen Christ must be preached to all people that they will know and believe that Jesus Christ lives that they will believe and be saved.

Happy Easter
Praise God for his grace, I am still in the ministry with a good health. I thank all of you for your support in prayers, finances and emails that are sent to me. Without all of your supports there are many things here that could not have been done here.
Thank you very much for your faithfulness in praying for WEC- for the unreached people group in Guinea Bissau, especially the Susu and Nalu group in the west, where my two friends, Vaberto and Keli, and me are serving.
There are a few updates that I would like to share with all of you. These are the following:

The physical development in Cacine
Praise God for there is some new development in Cacine. Ice factory is currently being built here. When the factory is functioning there will be electricity in the village. Moreover, cellular antennea is also currenly being installed and it will ease the communication system here. In the future, there will be no necessity to go miles away to search for signals. Please pray for these developments as this will ultimately help the locales to have proper jobs. At present, the locales still have a strong belief in myths and idolatory. Please pray that with this development, i.e. economic growth and modernisation, God will enlighten the people in Nalu and Susu who are still very ‘traditional’, i.e. their belief in myths and various idols to see the true God.

The Spiritual Development and Thanksgiving.
Even though apparently the growth is slow, I believe that there will be a day when many Nalu people and Susu will come to Christ. My language teacher is a Nalunese. Last month her father was severely sick and therefore, we decided to visit her (my friend Keli and pastor). Before our coming, we pray that the Lord will open her heart to receive us and the good news. Before her father fell sick, she told us that her father was against her and wanted to kill her for believing in Christ. Praise God, when we visited her father, he was open and we took the opportunity to share the Gospel and prayed for him. Please pray that one day he will believe in Jesus as his saviour. Praise God for my teacher who has already believed in Christ and currently she is being discipled by me. At this moment, she is assisting my friend Valbero in Cacoca village, not far from her village. Please pray for her that the Lord will give her the courage to share the gospel in her village.

Praise God for the training of the three Sunday school teachers on 23-26 March. One of them gave the testimony that he was really blessed from this training. He said that now, he understood why the Lord loves the souls who have yet been saved, including children and now he desires to have the heart like God who loves the lost. Please pray for these 3 teenagers that they will be faithful in the ministry.

Praise God for my friend Keli whose church is willing to support her to take english course in South Africa and she will be leaving on 5 July to Brazil, thereafter to South Africa. Her plan is to take the class for 1 year and then returned to Cacine-Guinea Bissau. Thank God for my friend Herme who has a new ministry, i.e. Farim village, in the north and serves in the midst of Mandinga people.

Prayer requests:
1. Additional workers in the midst of Nalu and Susu people because our team is getting smaller, only me and Bro. Valberto. Please pray for one new friend for me as I will be living alone in the midst of the Nationale’s people after Keli’s departure and Herme’s transfer.
2. Please pray that the Lord will provide additional fund of US$1000. The plan of the reconstruction is end of April or beginning of May. If it is not done in these months, it will be delayed again to next year. Please pray that it can be done this year because next year there will be a Presidential election in Guinea Bissau and at that time the political situation is not stable.
3. Please pray for the safety and protection for our friends including the leaders who live in the center of the city as lately almost everyday there are thieves who steal even though there are guards.
4. Please pray for the plans of the building of our new headquarter and the funds needed.

Finally, I would like to thank all of you for all your support. May the Lord bless all of you bountifully.

With love and prayer,





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