My Broken Wheels

17 02 2009

It’s been 2 weeks after I fall in an motorcycle accident and it’s was a blessed to me with no injury or scratch I got on it.

It was night when I ran my bike from Cikarang to Jakarta, in almost half way heading to Jakarta I fall in an accident. I was tailing another bikers in front of me when a big hole appeared, when suddenly I fall into the hole.

I got nothing scratch on my body but my wheels was broken on that accident, what an amazing. I though it should be on serious injury when i fall.  Praise LORD, I’m still on good condition.

Then, I have to ran my bike very very slowly to reach my house, and it was 24.00 WIB. There is no motor services and motor spareparts store are opened on that time.

On that time I realize what the meaning of “becoming slowly”. When life ran so fastly I can’t heard anothers or something happens around me. I can’t hear GOD voices, my relatives voices, the voices all of people around me. I can only hear my voice, my heart. I’m become deaf and stubborn.

When my bike running only 10-20km/hrs, I can fill wind blow around me, touched me and comfort my face, my chin and my cheek then I can heard voices of people around me. I can start speak with GOD by my heart. Some times we need to slow down our steps to makes sure that we were on the right way.

I start to learn being communicated with GOD, although I was speak with GOD in many times of my life. I guess its all with very very poor standard of real being communicated with GOD. As long as my way on slowly move heading into Jakarta, I took all the meaning of becoming slowly.

Next day, I took back my old wheels and changed my broken wheels with.


My Broken Wheels


My Broken Wheels




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